More great stuff from Guinea!

This classic Guinean pop ensemble has one of the grooviest sounds I've heard, and for whatever reason, I find them completely enthralling. Part of it is the roughness and seeming incohesion of their sound -- there are several distinct elements that appear on the surface to be unlike each other -- the keening, shrill vocals; the gorgeous, perfect, echoey guitars; lastly, the driving, aggressive percussion, an unusual mix of indigenous drums and a lively snare set, all anchored by a swirly little organ. Camayenne Sofa seemed content to leave the rough edges in their music, and that suits me just fine. These guys were extremely talented performers who didn't succumb to the age-old temptation to "perfect" every little bit of their music, and thus these discs are more energetic and compelling than the vast majority of African pop albums you're likely to hear. Great stuff. Highly recommended! -DJ Joe Sixpack

1. Mahuya 3:22
2. Djumaba 4:42
3. M'Borin 4:40
4. Karamoko 6:13
5. Gbamuyale 4:41
6. Dougou Lamini 5:31
7. Koumandian 4:00
8. Makitara 7:29
9. Soukou 5:55
10. Wayakangai 4:10
11. Kini Kini 4:32
12. Sofa Diarabi 5:03
13. Kadidja 6:06

Actual title: Attaque... Volume 2 
Was originally released as an Lp on the same label, then known as EDITIONS SYLIPHONE CONAKRY, with the catalog number SLP 60, circa 1976.