Renowned as the Muslim world's finest female vocalist, Dimi Mint Abba was one of the first musicians to bring Mauritanian music to an international audience. Rarely captured on record, the complex rhythms and expressive singing that characterise the Moorish tradition have been an important influence on flamenco and - as this exceptional recording illustrates - continue to be a powerful medium for both political comment and religious devotion.

Mauritanian music has been unavailable for so long, this would be an important release even if it were not also an absolutely gorgeous example of the enormously rich brew of Afro-Islamic nexus. The two women singers featured (the country's most famous) sing in a contemporary-traditional idiom like those of Fanta Sacko and other Malians. This is a total must-have. -AllMusic Review by John Storm Roberts

1. Waidalal Waidalal 6:19
2. Yar Allahoo 7:51
3. Hassaniya Song For Dancing (Lebleyda Wigsar) 5:25
4. Hassaniya Love Poem (Wana Laily Ya Allah) 5:19
5. The Tortoise's Song (Ishteeb Laggatri) 8:00
6. Independence (Yar Moritani Alek Mubarak Listiqlal) 6:21
7. Art's Plume (Sawt Elfan) 8:07
8. Oh Lord Bring Apartheid Crashing Down! 5:13
9. Mauritania My Beloved Country (Nikhtar An Kulelawtan Awtani Mauritan) 3:33
10. My Young People Do The Youth Of Nations Invite (Ashabab Yidie Shabab Aldual) 5:49
11. Autoot 6:03

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