Soulful Music for the dancefloor and the connoisseur!

Following the critically acclaimed compilation Togo Soul 70, here comes a 12inch including a side of edits and revisited versions of original funky tracks by Yta Jourias and Roger Damawuzan and a side of rare and unreleased Togolese soul tracks from Napo De Mi Amor and Sewavi Jacintho.

Bosq (Ubiquity/FaniaRecords) and DJ Pushin Wood (Loft Party, Holland) deliver a hot funky and soulful versions specially oriented for the dancefloors and the disco fans. And before the awaited release of Togo Soul 70 Vol.2 (July 2019), you can find on the B side, two tremendous soul tracks by Napo de Mi Amor (“The voice of Lomé”) and the tremendous artist Sewavi Jacyntho also known as Frejus Jacyntho signed on the famous SID label in Abidjan. (Hot Casa Records)

1. Yta Jourias - Adome Nyueto (Bosq Edit) 8:12
2. Roger Damawuzan - Loxo Nye (Pushin Wood Edit) 5:33
3. Napo De Mi Amor - Cacatchoulé 3:02
4. Sewavi Jacintho - Miade Dua 5:32