Long live Ghana highlife

Alex Konadu (1950-18 January 2011) is the current king of Ghanaian guitar highlife, a title which he has unofficially inherited after the death of EK Nyame. He is loyal to his country, as well as a purist in his music, presumably avoiding newer influences (such as Afrobeat), and singing in the native Asante language, Twi. Konadu holds over a dozen albums under his belt, but is better known for his live shows, in which he is known as the One Man Thousand, or One Man Army. A well-known claim is that he has performed in every town and village in Ghana and it may very well be true. One of his releases is One Man Thousand – Live in London on World Circuit. -Adam Greenberg

1. Ma Yen Dwene 6:03
2. Abusua Monkieni 3:48
3. Odo Ani Nisuowah 3:37
4. Maame Wo Me 4:21
5. Onipa Wua Na Wawu 3:41
6. Enam Owuo Nti 17:48
7. Amoakowah 3:54
8. A Good One There 3:48
9. Mene Obiara 3:37
10. Yadee Ama Masee 3:15
11. Ekom Beku Me 3:55
12. Mesi Wo Kon Ho 3:36
13. Agyemang Dua 2:37
14. Yensua Yo 6:39