20 Nov 2020


Compilation of rare folk'n'fuzz turkish secret gems from the 60s and 70s.

'If you thought that psychedelia in Turkey was limited solely to Erkin Koray, get ready for Turkish Folk'n'Fuzz! Here you have a careful selection of dark and surprising 60s – 70s Turkish singles, with an impressive mix of oriental melodies and fuzz guitars, drums ... With songs like "L.S. and D" by Kadiköy Ticaret Lisesi and more!'

'There's not much information about the artists on the compilation except that Sila 4 and Güryeller originate from Cyprus. Their fuzz guitar and bass and drum freakouts makes you wonder what other psychedelic gems there are to be discovered from Turkish Cyprus. Rifat Öncel is probably the most prolific artist on this compilation having clocked up 6 singles between 1971-1973. Things get even more interesting with the inclusion of Kadiköy Ticaret Lisesi, Istanbul Erkek Lisesi and Tarsus Amerikan Koleji. All three were college bands that entered the Milliyet newspaper's band competition in the late '60s. There's no information about the other bands on this compilation apart from the music they made: great guitar playing, excellent arrangements and crazy middle eastern scales for the best fuzz'n'folk you will hear in your life.'

A1 Grup Uyanis - Halimiz Duman (1974) 3:01
A2 Melih Faruk Serdar Saygun - Aynali Carsi (1972) 3:02
A3 Rifat Öncel - Hele Hele Vay (1973) 3:22
A4 Kadiköy Ticaret Lisesi - L.S. And D. (1969) 5:05
A5 Lili Ivanova - Nisan Sakasi (1969) 2:34
A6 Güryeller - Bir Tutam Sac 3:24
A7 Istanbul Erkek Lisesi - In The Deepings (1967) 3:44
B1 Tarsus Amerikan Koleji - Tüm (1969) 5:22
B2 Sila 4 - Gariban (1973) 3:03
B3 Hasan Hür - Nazlim (1970) 3:07
B4 Kim Bunlar - Eskisehir Karsilamasi (1973) 3:00
B5 Ipucu Beslisi - Heyecanli (1976) 2:53
B6 Ergenekon Destani - Vah Vah (1975) 3:20
B7 Seyhan Karabay & Kardaslar - Nem Kaldi (1974) 3:53