25 Apr 2019


Georges Plonquitte, le musicien guadeloupéen, chanteur légendaire du groupe Typical Combo.

Typical Combo, under Harry Simmonet's leadership, was one of Guadeloupe's premier large bands from the golden era of cadence music. Cadence was the precursor to the zouk of the mid-'80s originated by Kassav. The cadence groups were largely acoustic and sported an ample array of horns and percussionists. They were greatly influenced by Haitian compas and also included touches of Cuban son as well as Brasilian samba rhythms. Typical Combo exhibited an insouciant nonchalance with a great sense of humor. This legendary band was a seminal contributor to the French Antillean music mosaic. The phenomenal international explosion of zouk owes much to the cadence bands and to Typical Combo in particular. There would be no zouk music without these cadence masters. Here are the old masters at work. It is unfortunate that only one compact disc has been reissued. There is so much more of their work that should be heard by those who don't own those old LPs. Highly recommended. -Allmusic

A1 Cadence Linda 5:33
A2 Moune A Cail 4:38
A3 Guimbois Si Moin 4:55
A4 Ti Gaçon 5:01
B1 Ban Moin Lolo En Moin 6:05
B2 Jacqueline 6:20
B3 Mi Love 6:10