Here is a great reissue of two Trojan released Joe Gibbs produced album

Bringing together two separate compilation albums on one CD, Jackpot of Hits boasts some of the best from the rocksteady and early reggae eras, 24 tracks in all. The Pioneers hog the set, gobbling up a third of the record, but who's complaining, especially since they offer up songs like "Long Shot" (the single that set the stage for their better-known "Long Shot Kickee Bucket") and the exuberant "I'm Moving On"? In fact, every one of their numbers is an unforgettable classic. Joining them are the even more sonorous Mellotones, a simmering skanker from the Crashers, and two polar opposites from the Versatiles, one a ballad, the other a ludicrously infectious innuendo-laced number. Stranger Cole and Gladstone Anderson together deliver up two absolutely stunning duets, while Roy Shirley gives arguably his best performance ever on "Hold Them." There's also a clutch of excellent instrumentals from Hugh Malcolm, Ansel Collins, and Lynn Taitt & the Jets. One of the best compilations of mid- to late-'60s sounds you can buy. A jackpot of hits indeed. -AllMusic Review by Jo-Ann Greene

Explosive Rocksteady
1. The Pioneers - I'm Moving On 2:12
2. The Pioneers - Miss Tourist 2:17
3. Stranger Cole & Gladstone Anderson - Just Like A River 2:26
4. Dennis Walks - Uncle Sam's Country 2:36
5. The Pioneers - Long Shot 2:39
6. Cool Sticky - Train To Soulsville 2:43
7. The Pioneers - Love Love Everyday 2:33
8. Roy Shirley - Hold Them 2:48
9. Hugh Malcolm - Come Brothers 2:44
10. The Pioneers - Give Me A Little Loving 2:40
11. The Versatiles - Push It In 2:16
12. Errol Dunkley - Love Brother Love 2:26
Jackpot Of Hits
13. The Pioneers - Jackpot 3:01
14. The Mellotones - Feel Good 2:47
15. The Pioneers - No Dope Me Pony 2:09
16. Ansel Collins - Secret Weapon 2:42
17. Lynn Taitt & The Jets - El Casino Royale 2:40
18. Stranger Cole - What Momma No Want She Get 1:41
19. The Pioneers - Catch The Beat 2:39
20. Hugh Malcolm - Good Time Rock 2:17
21. The Crashers - Hurry Come Up 2:15
22. The Versatiles - Just Can't Win 2:27
23. Stranger Cole & Gladstone Anderson - Seeing Is Knowing 2:57
24. The Creations - Holding Out 2:24

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Backing Band – Lyn Tait & The Jets
Engineer – Lee Perry, Winston 'Niney' Holness
Liner Notes – Laurence Cane-Honeysett
Producer – Joe Gibbs
"2 LP's On One CD"
plus bonus tracks

Tracks 1 to 12 from the "Explosive Rocksteady" LP, 1968.
Tracks 13 to 21 from the "Jackpot Of Hits" LP, 1969.
Tracks 3, 6 & 10 originally appeared on both LPs; they are included only once here.
Tracks 22 to 24 are bonus tracks that didn't appear on either original LP.

All tracks recorded between 1966 and 1968, first with Lee Perry and later with Winston 'Niney' Holness.