"The subject of this album is the meeting of three musical traditions—African, Arab, and European—to create a fourth tradition of great richness and international impact, that of the Black New World. It is hardly surprising that Afro-American music is so rich. It draws form three major European sources—English, French, and Iberian (Spanish and Portuguese)—as well as several western African traditions..."
John Storm Roberts

"El objeto de este álbum es analizar el encuentro de tres tradiciones musicales, la africana, la árabe y la europea, para crear una cuarta tradición de gran riqueza e impacto internacional, la cultura negra del Nuevo Mundo. En realidad, no es sorprendente que la música afro-americana sea tan rica como lo es, ya que proviene de tres importantes fuentes europeas, Inglaterra, Francia y la península Ibérica, así como de varias tradiciones del oeste africano..."
John Storm Roberts

John Storm Roberts
British-born American ethno-musicologist. John "Storm" Roberts and his wife, Anne Needham, founded in 1982 Original Music, a record label and a mail order company that distributed world music books and records written and produced by Roberts. John "Storm" Roberts died in 2009.

Black Music of Two Worlds (Africa/Middle East/North & South America) by John Storm Roberts

''There are really four worlds of black music, each with a unique idiom expressing a particular cultural experience, but united by a common debt to the music of pre-colonial Africa. Roberts surveys the music of all four worlds, enumerating the threads that lead back to the source and convincingly establishing the existence of an aesthetic dialectic -- the tradition of African music vibrates in the new worlds as well as the old. By breaking down ancient African music into local elements he is able to trace the particular influence of each important tribe as it is enslaved and brought to the new world. Which tribe was first where provides clues to the origin of idioms that have survived wave after wave of forced migrations. All areas where black music is vital are examined -- the black coastal belt of Latin America, Cuba, Puerto Rico and the smaller islands of the Caribbean, North America and finally, the ""new"" post-colonial Africa with its hybrid ""pop culture"" music. Roberts dismisses the claim of certain musical historians who minimize the African contribution but he is careful not to exaggerate evidence supporting his own view. He tries to clarify the process of interaction between black and white music but is limited by the give-credit-where-credit-is-due attitude of much modern musical scholarship which has started its own race war. Still this is the first serious study of black music in its entirety in any language which gives it a certain cultural shock value of its own.''

1. Unspecified - Xylophone-Bapende of Zaire 1:01
2. Unspecified - Marimba from Colombia 3:08
3. Pete Johnson - Let 'Em Jump 3:06
4. Unspecified - Akonoday 1:41
5. Unspecified - Call to Prayer - Muslim 0:34
6. Unspecified - Mende Muslim Song - Sierra Leone 3:19
7. Unspecified - Song from Malaga - Spain 2:26
8. Vera Hall - Black Woman 1:32
9. Kpelle Brush-cutters - Liberia - Kpelle Brush-Cutters - Liberia 2:25
10. Unspecified - Imo Gal 2:29
11. Unspecified - Let Your Hammer Ring 3:31
12. Unspecified - Los Congos de Villa Mella, - criollo 3:44
13. Unspecified - Palomita Nueva 1:22
14. Unspecified - Drum and Fife Quadrille - West Indies 2:50
15. Unspecified - Wheel and Turn 2:21
16. Unspecified - De La Suarez - Carribean 2:53
17. Atilla the Hun, Sir Lancelot, Executor. Caresser, Lion - War 3:11
18. Atilla The Hun - Fire Brigade 2:39
19. Le Jazz Condo - Ezulie 2:21
20. Fabre Duroseau - Rour Des Cayes 2:33
21. Unspecified - Mazurca 2:53
22. The Septeto Nacional - Sutileza 3:16
23. Jimmy Yancey - How Long Blues 4:05
24. Unspecified - Revival Zion_ How Sweet the Name 2:45
25. Unspecified - Revival Zion_ I Got a Lighthouse 2:41
26. The Fisk Jubilee Singers - Roll Jordan Roll 2:42
27. The Spirit of Memphis - He's a Friend of Mine 2:45
28. Mississippi John Hurt - Frankie and Johnny 3:26
29. Robert Johnson - Dust My Broom 3:07
30. Coleman Hawkins - Leave My Love Alone 2;41
31. Williamu Osale - Vijana Niwambie 2:46
32. John Mwale - Kenyatta Aliteswa Sana 3:01
33. Bholen, Orchestra - Maboke Nde Temoin 4:55

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Album Info

Year: 1977
Label: Folkways Records
Genre: African American Music; Islamica
Countries: Colombia; Cuba; Dominican Republic; Ghana; Haiti; Israel; Jamaica; Kenya; Liberia; Sierra Leone; Spain; Trinidad and Tobago; United States
Culture groups: African American; Afro-Haitian; Kpelle; Mende; Palestinian; Pende
Instruments: Accordion; Bells; Clarinet; Drum; Electric guitar; Fife; Guitar; Harmonica; Maraca; Piano; Saxophone; Trombone; Tuba; Xylophone
Languages: Arabic; English; French Creole; Haitian Creole (Kreyòl Ayisyen); Kpelle; Mende; Phende; Spanish; Swahili (Kiswahili)

John Storm Roberts - Producer, Recorder
Ronald Clyne - Designer