17 Oct 2020


Classic UK dub set. This highly sought after dub album was mixed by Dennis Bovell a.k.a. Blackbeard around 1980 with the Wellpack Band and producer Winston Edwards.

'This landmark UK dub outing is headed by producer Winston Edwards with grooves from the Wellpack Band – all echoing out with a spacey quality that makes you feel like they're broadcasting from the moon – thanks to lots of wild studio touches from Blackbeard!'

'Classic dub album from 1980 re-issued! Ten speaker-shaking Matumbi powered dubs recorded under the Well Pack Band flag. Produced by Winston Edwards and engineered by the legendary Dennis 'Blackbeard' Bovell. "Dub Conference: 10 Downing Street" - this re-release is timed to coincide with the 2015 UK general election.'

'Hailing from the late seventies through 1980 originally, this has a state of the art Blackbeard mix from Dennis Bovell, production of the Well Pack Band from Winston Edwards and stands as a convincing album - which goes some way to explain the advanced poularity entire dub sets went on to experience after punk’s early love affair with sufferer’s reggae. The vibes here are good, the titles great and while some of the themes may not be entirely dread, the playing is all high calibre and the one-drop dubs are very well crafted.' -Boomkat

1. Downing Street Rock 5:00
2. Behind Closed Doors Of The House Of Commons 3:11
3. Shake Buckingham Palace Down 3:09
4. White Hall Scandal 3:37
5. Ronald Biggs The Great Train Robber 5:57
6. Kensington Palace Confusion 4:40
7. Fleet Street Cover Up 4:42
8. Airport Smuggling 3:34
9. Hyde Park Corner Investigation 3:21
10. Who Made The Prime Ministers Honour List Of 1975 3:31