17 Jun 2021


Oo la la... Chez le muy funky ! ! !

'I really wish I could give this compilation CD 6 stars. I've given so many other CDs 5 star ratings - - yet this one's such a satisfied tripped out listen, I wish I could make it stand out...
Fans of acid Jazz, rare groove, funky black action sound tracks, and grooved out organ music ala Jimmy McGriff and Groove Holmes (circa the '70s) will be in soul heaven upon purchase of this well mastered well packaged CD... Remember those funky blaxploitation and nitty gritty crime drama soundtracks (my favorites including Cleopatra Jones, Coffee and Hell Up In Harlem)- - and of course the cool music during the mandatory "chase" scenes, even on those old TV shows ??? This is all that and a bag of escargot...(!) it also has lot's of surprizes... let me give one away : That's Brian Auger you hear bugging out on the Hammond Organ on that funky opening cut "Sexopolis" and "LSD Party" ! ! ! Though some of the other names, might not ring a bell, I'm sure when you hear them you'll start wanting to hunt down all their stuff (if not the movies from which they come) - - Take for example track 4, Phillipe Sarde "Jukes Boxes Chez Saidani" - - a Jazzed out ultra funky bassline, foppin "oriental tinged" funky conga and drum rhythms, and fat vibes swinging out Cal Tjader style with aid of an electric sitar - - Track 8 will even conjure up images of Lyn Collins of JB "It Takes Two To Make A Thing Go Right" people fame...This is the stuff some DJs wet their pants for... You'd probably think that would be the best track on the CD, but it continues to get better - - before you know it Claude Bolling is funking out... wild funky blaxploitation type orchestrations, the congas and drums overboard, psychadelic fuzz guitar, Ramsey Lewis type piano, and yes, a fat gushy chords sustained on a greasy Hammond. And yes, there are tracks with the mandatory funky orchestral arrangements as well as screaming brass, some Jazzy Rhodes, a Fela Kuti type track and lot's more ! - - 5 seconds into this incredible orgy of funky grooves, I got so excited I even forgot about the groovy booby on the cover !
From funky "acid Jazz" (before it was called that), red hot boogaloos - - this album, with its unbelievable music and fantastic sound quality is one of the best I've heard in ages... Comes with a great 16 page booklet (!) Must have for fans of rare groove, funky '70s stuff ! ! !' -Eddie Landsberg

'The French know and love their movies like no one else in Europe, so it's no surprise that they've produced a few top-notch film composers over the years. The folks at Crippled Dick Hot Wax, the German label that has unearthed all manner of offbeat film music, pay homage to a little-acknowledged side of French movie scoring with Shake Sauvage, a disc featuring cues from 15 different Gallic films released between 1968 and 1973 (with a bit of funky library stock music and one retro-styled cut from the '80s rounding out the track listing). On Shake Sauvage, the focus is on French music that seemingly channels hipper American sounds of the day, from the cool jazz-funk of Claude Bolling's "Full Speed" and the naïve neo-psychedelia of Roland Vincent's "LSD Party" (complete with some of the least fluid wah-wah guitar ever recorded) to the ominous spy movie sounds of George Garvarentz's "Les Temps des Loups," and the lush, seductive organ groove of Jean-Pierre Mirouze's "Sexopolis." Actually, lush organ is one of the dominant themes of this disc (Brian Auger appears on several tracks) along with a pervasive fondness for American pop music filtered through the lens of classic-era European cool. Shake Sauvage seems to have been assembled with denizens of the space age bachelor pads crowd in mind rather than connoisseurs of notable film music, but thankfully this set works nicely on both levels -- fans of upscale Eurotrash cinema will eat this up, as will anyone who likes their pop music grand, polished and just a little bit strange. Mais oui!' -AllMusic Review by Mark Deming

1. Jean-Pierre Mirouze - Sexopolis 4:42
2. Georges Garvarentz - Nues dans l'eau 1:52
3. Georges Garvarentz - Haschisch Party 3:05
4. Philippe Sarde - Jukes boxes chez Saidani 2:44
5. Claude Bolling - Full Speed 2:31
6. Resonance - OK Chicago 2:32
7. Karl Heinz Schäfer - Kidnapping 1:21
8. Francis Lai - I Don't Know Why 2:17
9. Roland Vincent - L.S.D. Party 2:51
10. Bernard Gérard - Le crocodile porte-clé 1:38
11. Michel Magne - Grand thème Malko 5:21
12. Georges Garvarentz - Le temps des loups 2:36
13. André Arpino - African King :57
14. Vladimir Cosma - Bowery Mood 2:28
15. Michel Magne & Jean Yanne - Pétrol Pop 2:31
16. Francis Lai - Le thème d'Olivier 2:43
17. Thierry Vincent - Munich Party 2:29
18. Julien Covey - Sweet Bacon 2:59