30 Nov 2021


Sons D'Africa: Portuguese label focused on African music.

'Angolan music doesn't arrive too often and when it does there is not much fanfare. Also it comes in clumps which is to say you are more likely to encounter a compilation than individual artists. Nevertheless there are many wonderful compilations of Angolan music as I have doubtless said before. My friend Ken B alerted me to the latest which is called Saudade, which we tend to think of as sad ballads full of melancholic longing for the lost land that was decimated by decades of civil war. But it's not at all a downer: there are many sprightly tunes on here. You can find this 18 track compilation on line, on your favorite download site, but you won't find any liner notes, merely the names of the artists and the song titles. This is the current trend and it doesn't help reviewers or those trying to get a handle on the context of the music, especially if their Portuguese is limited to "obrigado" and "o meu amor." From the general sound I would guess this music comes from the mid-70s, and the consistent high quality suggests that Os Jovens do Prenda, the main backing band of that era, play on a lot of these tracks. It's a well-put together compilation and does not overlap with either Soul of Angola or the two volumes of Angola 70's, that appeared on Lusafrica and Buda respectively. The storming "Pachanga Maria" by Os Bongos and "Comboio" by Kiezos did appear on Analog Africa's Angola Soundtrack 1 which was thoroughly annotated. We learn there that both tracks were issued on Rebita Records in 1974; Rebita issued hundreds of records before the start of the civil war in 1975. Diminishing returns has not set in to this old music, and it seems that, once again, here is a rich vein of relatively unknown music still turning up gold nuggets.' -MUZIKIFAN

1. António Paulino - Merengue Rebita 3:22
2. Jovens Do Prenda - Merengue Bela 2:45
3. Jovens Do Prenda - Merengue Sengresse 3:21
4. Artur Nunes - Antonio 3:27
5. Urbano de Castro - Sema Localo 2:08
6. Xico Montenegro - Kindala N Gatundo um N Gongo 3:21
7. Luciana - Tarapandula Okulilamba 3:18
8. Xico Montenegro - Lamento de um Filho 3:27
9. David Zé - Candinha 4:06
10. Artur Nunes - Lamento de Mena 5:50
11. Kiezos - O Comboio 3:31
12. Jovens Do Prenda - Amor Filial 3:59
13. Jovens Do Prenda, António Paulino - Lale 3:42
14. Artur Nunes - Ana N Gola Ia Dila 3:46
15. Bongos, Boto - Pchanga Maria 3:16
16. Jovens Do Prenda - Merengue Aguenta a Certa 3:02
17. Jovens Do Prenda, Zécax - Maroto Mimi 7:08
18. Tony do Fumo - Du Fumo Uafua 4:03