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"A rarely opened musical universe that becomes deeper and more soulful with every listen." Joe Boyd

Wonderful, wonderful old music!

'In depth selection of rare music that is wonderful to hear. Mostly great recording quality: sound is lively not deadened to remove crackle.' -Darcy

Great collection of authentic archaic Albanian folkmusic

'This is a wonderful collection of authentic Albanian folk music from the period 1924-1948, beautifully remastered. Be aware -- this is not for everybody. This music is the real deal, powerful, expressive, moving, and traditional -- it is not stuff prettied up for modern tastes. If you are fond of traditional Balkan music, you will like this. I keep listening to it over and over, and my appreciation of it grows and grows. It's a superb collection. -AKL

'A unique and masterful look at the amazing Folk Music of Albania compiled by the Grammy Award winning Chris King. There has never been a previous release like this. It is evocative and haunting music from the mountains with deep historical roots and will be a must buy for the growing number of people searching out the roots of World Music. Songbirds species have their own repertoire and each individual bird learns its song from its father, taking on his idiosyncrasies and then layering them with his own. Over time, this dialect will become richer and richer, the repertoire broader, the closer this bird stays to home. Within Albania are two main groups Ghegs in the north and the Tosks in the south. Gheg songs are characterized by monophony, well-defined rhythm and musical accompaniment. The Tosk tradition is defined by polyphony, imitative melodic lines and, prior to urbanization, a total absence of musical accompaniment. This sub-dialect is heavily represented here by the Asllani family of Leskovik, whose labels recorded in New York, Detroit, Thessaloniki, Ioannina, Athens, and Istanbul.'

'The great dreamer of European unity, Stefan Zweig, speaking of poetics and spiritual power, once wrote that ‘The Skipetares (Albanians) of the Balkans, warring for centuries and in a permanent state of insurrection, take a leading role in the history of our world culture, for they know how best to present the poetic element in their own deeds.' Zweig was no doubt thinking of the epic tradition of North Albania, unrepresented on this recording, but the spiritual and poetic strength inherent in the country's music as a whole is borne witness to the 84 astonishing tracks on this set of four CDs, 78rpm recordings painstakingly collected, cleaned up and remastered by specialist Christopher King.

The vast majority of the music here is from the south-east of the country, notably the towns of Leskovik and Korçë with some excursions to Përmet and Vlorë. The style of intertwining polyphony above a drone, with clarinet and violin and lute sharing and complementing the roles of the voices, seems to have sprung forth fully formed, mere decades after the violin and clarinet came to the area. Its roots may be found in the unaccompanied singing of the region, and in the glides and trills of the flyer shepherd's flute, heard here in the intricate strains of a ‘Valle Devolliçe’, performed by Pando Opingari. The elegant and restrained yet devastatingly emotional instrumental laments now known as kaba (deep), but then as e qare (weeping) are prominent in the collection, with the prolific Asllani family in the forefront, but Riza Bylbyli's passionate ‘Taksim Myzeqarçe’ the standout example. There are also fascinating variants of songs that have now acquired a more standard shape – for example multiple versions of ‘Viktori t-u Bëftë Nëna’, and the gem-like ‘Gjetheza’, then named ‘Këngë e Gjethës’ or ‘Kur Jeçe Vetum’. The presentation is, however, less sumptuous than the music, with little discographical documentation and few attempts to decode the sometimes cryptic labels of the originals, while the notes, although generally accurate, are somewhat unfocused. These small blemishes do not, fortunately, detract from the extraordinary value of this magical collection.' -Kim Burton

'Albania holds several groups of people within it's borders. The primary division lies between Ghegs, who inhabit the territory north of the Shkumbin river, and Tosks, who live south of it. There are only a small number of songs on this collection that might be labelled as 'Gheg' - characterized by monophony, well-defined rhythm and musical accompaniment (today often a two-stringed chifteli). The most distinctly so feature a single, strident voice and a triumphal tone that recalls the northern tradition of epic poetry. The Tosk musical dialect is defined by polyphony, imitative melodic lines and, prior to urbanization, a total absence of musical accompaniment. The Tosk sub-dialect is heavily represented in this collection, particularly by the Asllani family of Leskovik, who not only recorded prolifically but were also responsible for three of the labels represented on this collection. The eldest brother, Ajdin, owned and operated both MI-RE and ME-RE and, finally, BALKAN, making recordings in New York, Detroit, Thessaloniki, Ioannina, Athens, and Istanbul. Most of the music is drawn from a very distinct 'acoustic niche' in a very particular place, southern Albania-a topography, a way of life-in a dialect laid down, layer upon layer, from parent to child, over many hundreds of years. This music is rendered in a musical dialect both very rich and very close to home. Imagine the former inhabitants of Leskovik coming home at the end of a long day pulling their grocery cart through the streets of Boston to drop the needle on one of these 78s, or tuning in to Nuçi Cujo's radio hour, and hearing their song. We may not have heard this song before, but with a little training conflict gives way to a singular harmony, and emotions ring crystal clear.'


"Songbirds", trésor albanais d’avant-guerre

La passion d’un collectionneur de 78 tours fait resurgir le formidable passé musical d’Albanie. La saga de Christopher C. King débute dans une ruelle d’Istanbul, passe par Tirana et Athènes pour s’achever en Virginie avec 84 perles musicales inespérées.

"J’avais pris des vacances avec ma famille du côté d’Istanbul. On m’a parlé d’une rue pleine de gramophones". L’accent fleure bon les montagnes de Virginie. Christopher C. King est l’un des collectionneurs majeurs de la musique américaine en 78 tours. Blues, country, musique cajun, polka, ragtime… tout ce qui a pu faire guincher les Américains avant-guerre. Avec un collectionneur, le hasard n’existe pas. Ces personnages ont l’odorat du loup affamé. Cachez une pile de disques au fond d’un arrière-magasin balkanique, ils vont la dénicher. Inévitablement.

Et c’est ainsi, dix ans plus tôt, que Christopher C. King découvre un univers: les musiques grecques d’Epire du Nord et d’Albanie du Sud. Soit des chanteuses qui font dresser les poils, des clarinettistes funambules et des violoneux qui semblent avoir pactisé avec le démon. Comme un certain bluesman de légende nommé Robert Johnson.

Une histoire de migrations

La suite est une histoire d’amour inconditionnel, une quête minutieuse à la recherche du moindre indice laissé par ces saltimbanques à chapeau feutre dans les années 20, 30 et 40. Christopher C. King ne cesse de quitter sa pastorale Virginie pour arpenter les rues de Tirana, de Ioannina, d’Istanbul ou d’Athènes.

Parfois ce sont les villes portuaires d’Amérique qui lui révèlent des trésors cachés. L’histoire des Grecs et des Albanais est aussi une histoire de migrations, de transatlantiques et de musique que l’on conserve aussi précieusement qu’un passeport, un tapis ou une icône. "Cette traque m’a envoûté et m’a même coûté mon mariage" résume le limier américain.

Cette traque a aussi rapporté ceci: de fabuleuses rééditions de musique grecque auprès du label Third Man Records, la maison de disques du rocker Jack White; l’estime du dessinateur culte Robert Crumb qui lui livre des pochettes de disques aux petits oignons; la publication d’un livre passionnant ("Lament from Epirus", chez Norton); l’édition ces jours-ci de 84 musiques albanaises, instrumentaux et chansons, rassemblées et commentées sur 4 CD sous le titre "Songbirds – Albanian music from 78s 1924-1948".

Des voix perdues

On découvre enfin les frères Asllani, la chanteuse Hafize ou encore la mystérieuse Riza Bylbyli, autant de voix perdues qu’avaient naguère capturées les producteurs itinérants des firmes Columbia ou La Voix de son maître.

Comment ont réagi les Albanais face à cet Américain à grosse voix qui leur exhume leur passé musical? "J’ai été très touché. Certaines vieilles personnes ont fondu en larmes à l’écoute de ces enregistrements qu’elles n’avaient plus entendus depuis 60 ans. C’était toute leur jeunesse qui réapparaissait subitement", raconte le producteur. "Faleminderit, Mister King". -Thierry Sartoretti/mcm

"Don’t trust your Neighbors, Early Albanian Traditional Songs & Improvisations, 1920s-1930s”, LP, Hinter Records 2011

“Lament from Epirus”, livre chez Norton, 2018

"Songbirds", 4 CD, JSP records, 2020

Translated with www.DeepL.com/Translator

"Songbirds", Albanian pre-war treasure

A 78-rpm collector's passion brings Albania's formidable musical past to life. Christopher C. King's saga begins in an Istanbul alley, moves through Tirana and Athens, and ends in Virginia with 84 unexpected musical gems.

"I had taken a holiday with my family in Istanbul. They told me about a street full of gramophones. The accent smells of the mountains of Virginia. Christopher C. King is one of the major collectors of American music on 78 rpm. Blues, country, Cajun music, polka, ragtime... everything that made Americans dance before the war. With a collector, there is no such thing as chance. These characters have the sense of smell of a hungry wolf. Hide a pile of records in the back of a Balkan shop and they will find it. Inevitably.

And that's how, ten years earlier, Christopher C. King discovered a world: the Greek music of Northern Epirus and Southern Albania. That is, hair-raising female singers, tightrope walkers and fiddlers who seem to have made a pact with the devil. Like a certain legendary bluesman named Robert Johnson.

A story of migration

What follows is a story of unconditional love, a painstaking quest to find the slightest clue left by these felt-hatted acrobats in the 1920s, 30s and 40s. Christopher C. King keeps leaving his pastoral Virginia to walk the streets of Tirana, Ioannina, Istanbul or Athens.

Sometimes it is the port cities of America that reveal hidden treasures. The history of Greeks and Albanians is also a history of migrations, of transatlantics and of music, which is kept as carefully as a passport, a carpet or an icon. "This hunt has enchanted me and even cost me my marriage," says the American sleuth.

This hunt has also brought about the following: fabulous re-releases of Greek music by Third Man Records, the label of rocker Jack White; the esteem of cult cartoonist Robert Crumb, who has provided him with exquisite record covers; the publication of a fascinating book ("Lament from Epirus", published by Norton); and the recent publication of 84 Albanian instrumentals and songs, collected and commented on on 4 CDs under the title "Songbirds - Albanian music from 78s 1924-1948".

Lost voices

Finally, we discover the Asllani brothers, the singer Hafize and the mysterious Riza Bylbyli, all lost voices that were once captured by the itinerant producers of Columbia or La Voix de son maître.

How did the Albanians react to this big-voiced American exhuming their musical past? "I was very touched. Some old people burst into tears when they heard these recordings that they hadn't heard for 60 years. It was their youth suddenly reappearing," says the producer. "Faleminderit, Mister King. -Thierry Sartoretti/mcm

Various – Songbirds (Albanian Music From 78s - 1924-1948)

Label: JSP Records – JSP77216
Format:  4 x CD, Compilation
Country: UK
Released: 2020
Style: Albanian Folk Music

Disc 1
1.1 Islam Jonuzi & Friends - E Qarë E Leskovikut (Cry of Leskovik)
1.2 Çoban Arifi and Sabri Fehimi - Me Doçkën E Bardhë (With Your Little White Hand)
1.3 Riza Bylbyli - Korba O Çeço (Poor Me, Oh Çeço)
1.4 Vangjel Leskovikut - Kaba Me Gërnetë (Lament with Clarinet)
1.5 Selim Asllani and Group - Valle Krushkave (Dance of the In-Laws)
1.6 Selim Asllani and Hafize Asllani - Laca Kapetani (Captain Las)
1.7 Zonja Qerimé and Friends - Ballét Me Sedef (Forehead with Mother of Pearl)
1.8 Riza Bylbyli - Pogonishte (Dance from Pogoni)
1.9 Jonuzi and Friends - Valle Devolliçe (Dance from Devolli)
1.10 Andrea Pappas and Athanas Mone - E Mjera Unë E Mjera (Poor Me, Poor Me)
1.11 Jonus Lamçe and Sabri Fehimi - Valle Devolliçe (Dance from Devolli)
1.12 C. Cercis Nesim - Dorën O Djal Dorën (Your Hand, Oh Your Hand)
1.13 Riza Bybyli (Vlonë) - Kapitani I Vlonës (The Captain of Vlora)
1.14 Riza Bylbyli - Bahje Dru Me Pershullim (Get the Wood Ready to Burn)
1.15 Konitsa - Vallja E Manushaqeve (Dance of the Violets)
1.16 Z. Kjuj - Ngrehun Mahmudi (Get Up Mahmudi)
1.17 Grupi Sazet - Valle Kolonjare (Dance from Kolonja)
1.18 Zoj Hatixhja - Ç'u Ngrys Herët në Mjes (It Got Dark Early in the Morning)
1.19 Riza Bylbyli - Kishin Uj Ata Burime (Those Springs Had Water)
1.20 Paulin Pali (of Shkodër) - Re Moj Vajz e Mas Qit Ojna (Girl, You Fell, Don't Whine)
1.21 Girls Choir of the Franciscan Convent of Shkodër - Valle Shqipnijet (Albanian Dance)

Disc 2
2.1 Khemal Asllani and Sabri Fehimi - Hunde Bukur Qelibar (Beautiful Nose like Amber)
2.2 Selim Asllani and Hafize Asllani - Viktori T'u Bëftë Nëna (Victoria, I (Your Mother) Will Sacrifice Myself for You)
2.3 Konitsa - Valle Me Dy (Pogonian Dance in Two Parts)
2.4 Selim Asllani and Faize Asllani - Goca E Berberit (The Barber's Daughter)
2.5 Musikantet Zotto - Taksim-Sazesh
2.6 Rafail Bulgareci and Risto Pandavani - Nja Shtatë Kokona Duall Në Vodenë (About Seven Beauties went Out in Vodena)
2.7 Selim Asllani and Hafize Asllani - Untitase Me Sake
2.8 Z. Hamid Latifi - Prendoj Dilli Dha Aksham (The Sun Went Down and Brought the Night)
2.9 Z. Islami Riza - Lace Gjinokastra
2.10 Selim Asllani and Hafize Asllani - Valle Sta Triya (Dance in Three Parts)
2.11 Zoti Khemal Asllani - Ne Rrapi në Mashkullor (Gjinokastrite) (At the Plane Tree in Mashkullora)
2.12 Selim Asllani and Hafize Asllani - E Qarë E Asllan Leskovikut (The Cry of Asllan of Leskovik)
2.13 Riza Bybyli - Sikur Merrje Xhemalin (If You Took Xhemal)
2.14 Z. Kjuj - Kanga E Dhanfrrit (The Groom's Song)
2.15 Jonus Lamçe and Sabri Fehimi - E Qarë Me Gërnetë (Cry with Clarinet)
2.16 Selim Asllani and Hafize Asllani - Tjalem T'Ambël Se
2.17 Jonuzi and Friends - Valle Beraçe (Dance from Berati)
2.18 Ajdin Asllani - Këngë Si Hëna Katërmbëdhketë (Song of the Full Moon)
2.19 Shoqnija Toshkrisht - Napuljoni Izet Bej Taksim
2.20 Riza Bylbyli - Osman Taka
2.21 Mati Kola - Ç'e Ninjova Ramazanin (I Heard Ramazani)

Disc 3
3.1 Selim Asllani and Hafize Asllani - Qarë E Selimit (The Cry of Selim)
3.2 Chiorchi Gazeli - Delvino Zaza Delvina (Two Towns in Southern Albania)
3.3 Pando Opingari and Spiridon T. Ilo - Valle Kasapçe (Hasapiko Dance)
3.4 Konitsa - Samari I Bariut (The Shepherd's Saddle)
3.5 Z. Islami Riza - Bahje Dru Me Pershullim (Get the Wood Ready to Burn)
3.6 Rafail Bulgareci and Risto Pandavani - Mos E Mer Rrëmbyer (Don't Rush into it)
3.7 [unknown artist] - Valle Çamçe (Dance of the Çams)
3.8 Z. Sylejmani - Alija Fetah Rikut
3.9 Riza Berati - Ç'a Miku (Çam Dance)
3.10 Selim Asllani and Hafize Asllani - Hysnije Moj Dylbere
3.11 Selim Asllani and Hafize Asllani - Kush Të Ka Moj Ruskë (Who are You Russian Girl?)
3.12 Rukia Me Gocat E Eumes Tiranë - E Bukur Je Fatime (Fatime, You're Beautiful)
3.13 Pando Opingari and Louis Rassias - Vaslle Devolliçe (Dance from Devolli)
3.14 Selim Asllani - Valle Hasanajt, E Shtruar (Dance of Hasanajt)
3.15 Spiridon T. Ilo, Pando Opingari and Louis Rassias - Kënga E Bektashinjve (The Song of the Bektashi)
3.16 Z. Sadik Asbiu - Vajze e Valavet (Girl of the Waves)
3.17 Z. Cercis Nesim - Ballet Me Sadefe Korçarçe (Forehead with Mother of Pearl from Korçë)
3.18 Jonuzi and Friends - Këngë E Gjethes (The Song of the Leaf)
3.19 Ajdin Asllani - E Qarë Kaba Me Gërnetë (Lament with Clarinet)
3.20 Ajdin Asllani - Këng E Gjethës (The Song of the Leaf)
3.21 Rizai with Friends - E Qjare e Merenkes (Lament of Merenka)

Disc 4
4.1 Riza Bylbyli - Taksim Myzeqarçe
4.2 K. Afes Shok and Selim Asllani - Vura Shkallët Mbi Avlli (I Put the Ladder in the Yard)
4.3 Zoj. Havaka - Moj e Vogla Saj Mexhide (Oh, Little Mexhide)
4.4 Vellakt Tija and Sabri Fehimi - E Qarë E Bajram Fehimit (Lament for Bajram Fehimi)
4.5 Z. Cercis Nesim - E Tredelines (Of Fenugreek)
4.6 Chiorchi Gazeli - Kapetan Kirjako
4.7 Çerçis Nesim and Sabri Fehimi - Kur Më Shkon Sokakut (When You Walk Down the Street)
4.8 Mehdi Permeti - E Qarë Me Gërnetë, Kaba (The Cry of the Clarinet)
4.9 Jonuzi and Friends - Viktori T'u Bëftë Nëna (Victoria, I (Your Mother) Will Sacrifice Myself for You)
4.10 [unknown artist] - Valle Salushe
4.11 Selim Asllani and Hafize Asllani - Kur Jeçë Vetum (When You'll Be Alone)
4.12 Riza Bylbyli - Kapitani Las
4.13 Jonuzi and Friends - Vome Kabá
4.14 Selim Asllani - Valle Janë Dy Kunata (They're Two Sisters-In-Law)
4.15 K. Afes Shok and Selim Asllani - Keta Lesh Si Filli Arit (This Hair Like Threads of Gold)
4.16 Llaqi and Friends - Çobankat Që Shkojnë Zalllit (The Vlach Women that Goes to the Rocky Place)
4.17 Z. Sylejmani - Medet, Medet Kam Nji Mik (Oh, Oh, I Have a Friend)
4.18 Selim Asllani and Hafize Asllani - Dembe Katarose
4.19 Riza Bylbyli (Berati) - Ja Thoshte Bylbyli (Thus the Nightingale Sang)
4.20 Adjin Asllani and Nichola Donnef - E Tredelinës (Valle Dhe Këngë) (Of Fenugreek - Dance and Song)
4.21 Girls Choir of the Franciscan Convent of Shkodër - Ora E Shqypnis (The Time of Albania)

Design – Andrew Roberts
Producer, Remastered By – Christopher King
Producer, Sleeve Notes – Ramona Stout
Restoration, Remastered By – Anders Peterson
Translated By – Auron Tare, Enea Rrapokushi, Steve John
4 CDs in regular plastic cases with black trays, in a card slipcase.
Each CD includes a 4-page booklet.

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