26 Nov 2022


One of the finest and sought-after Latin Jazz albums ever made in Italy in the 1970s - "Black Sound From White People" by the prince of Italian Funk, Augusto Martelli.

'Italian composer Augusto Martelli is best known for the theme song of the 1970 film Il dio serpente which became a hit in Italy. In crate digging circles, he best known for this album. Besides having one of the illest album titles of the 70s, Black Sound From White People delivers a plethora of groovy euro funk chock full of the flute salad. Highlights include "Loco Love Motor" (check the killer drum break towards the end) and "Krypto Blues" that should get the loop diggers open (in a Grover Washington kind of way). This begs for a proper reissue the limited 2012 bootleg sold out quickly and can't be purchased on Discogs.' -Soulstrut 

'Sonor Music Editions is happy to launch the first official vinyl reissue of a sought-after, Italian, Latin Jazz/Funk album: Black Sound from White People  - yes, we too agree that this is an unfortunate title, but it's real - by Augusto Martelli.  

The ill-considered title aside, the sounds are amazing on this 1972 recording, featuring library music heavyweights like Tullio De Piscopo on drums, Giancarlo Barigozzi  on flute and Pino Presti on bass. It's the pinnacle of Augusto Martelli's music and the best album in his long career as composer, conductor, arranger and TV presenter. Originally copies exchange hands for many hundreds of dollars, and our friends at SME have made it accessible at last, on 180gr. wax.'

'An amazing, top-notch recording from 1972 that also includes stellar players like Tullio De Piscopo's rolling drums, sleazy flute by Giancarlo Barigozzi and dope basslines by Pino Presti. For sure the pinnacle of Augusto Martelli's music and the best album from his long career as composer, conductor, arranger and TV presenter. "Black Sound From White People" delivers a plenty of groovy euro Funk tracks played with a clear black music influence, from swirling Jazz-Funk to Fusion, percussive jams with more Samba and Latin beats, funky Latin Jazz chock-full of Psychedelic flutes. A really essential piece from the Italian Funk music production.'

Augusto Martelli – Black Sound From White People

Label: Universal Music – UICY-77270
Series: Suburbia Suite Collection
Format: CD, Album, Reissue, Stereo
Country: Japan
Released: Jun 17, 2015
Style: Jazz-Rock, Jazz Fusion
1. Loco Love Motion 8:08
2. Ma Ne Vale La Pena 5:57
3. Kryptoblues 6:15
4. Nanaue' 3:58
5. Free Samba 5:12
6. Mondo ... No! 4:55
7. Sarà Stato Il Futuro 5:00
8. 90° Compleanno (90th Birthday) 3:10

Recorded at MONDIAL SOUND - Milano
Direction, piano, keyboards, percussion, recorder: A. MARTELLI
Tenor sax, flute: G. BAIOCCO
Soprano sax, flute: G. C. BARIGOZZI
Electric bass: P. PRESTI
Percussions: L. LIGUORI
Electric guitar: M. VERARDI
Original photo: F. ALAJMO
Original layout: L. TALLARINI - G. RONCO

First edition originally published in 1972 on Philips 6323 015 L.