27 Nov 2022


'A great compilation of slighty hippie British folk-rock of the 1960s. There's no Fairport, but otherwise this is a fairly stellar gathering: Donovan, Anne Briggs, John Renbourn, Mr Fox, Pentagle, Shirley Collins, Roy Harper and Steeleye Span, amongst others. The real gem is "Cherry Blossom Fool" by Duncan Browne. Who woulda thunk that this music -- for so long sneered at by "serious" rock journals like the NME -- would turn out to be so hip?' -BradL

'British Folk revival can be traced back to the likes of Ewan MacColl, Hamish Imlach and the deeply political Scottish '50s Folk scene. It took a seriously non-traditional turn when it was picked up by the new breed of young turks like Davy Graham, Bert Jansch and John Renbourn, who began to turn Soho into a European version of Greenwich Village in the early '60s. By the end of that decade the integration between Folk, Blues, Jazz and all music beyond had created a wild array of new performers including Pentangle, Roy Harper & Mellow Candle. It was still Folk music, all right, but not as anyone knew it. A latter day term for this new generation of the genre is Acid Folk, due to its post-Psychedelic elements. There is most certainly a correlation between this CD and the likes of Noggin The Nog and Piper At The Gates Of Dawn. Castle Music. 2006.'

L. N. Nixon
4.0 out of 5 stars Confusion

Re the comments elsewhere; the 2008 edition does include:

1. Lord Of The Reedy River - Donovan
15. Salisbury Plain - Green Man
16. All In A Dream - Tilston, Steve
18. Twelve Hours Of Sunset - Harper, Roy

This is easily the best version because the tracks above take into account the 'rock' end of folk. The 2006 edition omits these but does have:

But does include:

6. Peacock Lady - Shelagh Mcdonald
7. Harvest Time - Water into Wine Band

The latter of which is a rustic delight with a string section.

The problem with ordering is that most one click orders might leave you with the older, and poorer, version of the album. Then again, if you ordered it in a shop and spoke to them about the different versions.....sorted!

Various – Early Morning Hush (Notes From The UK Folk Underground 1969-1976)

Label: Castle Music – CMQCD1265
Format: CD, Compilation
Country: UK
Released: 2006
Style: Folk, Folk Rock

1. Midwinter - The Skater 3:20
2. Loudest Whisper - Lir's Lament 2:22
3. Mellow Candle - Sheep Season 4:53
4. John Renbourn - The Cuckoo 3:56
5. Sweeney's Men - Go by Brooks 2:04
6. Shelagh McDonald - Peacock Lady 3:28
7. Water Into Wine Band - Harvest Time 5:54
8. Shirley Collins - Poor Murdered Woman 4:19
9. Keith Christmas - Forest and the Shore 7:05
10. Anne Briggs - Fine Horseman 3:02
11. Stone Angel - The Bells of Dunwich 5:56
12. Pentangle - Sovay 2:49
13. Duncan Browne - Cherry Blossom Fool 3:00
14. Steeleye Span - The Blacksmith 3:39
15. Dando Shaft - Coming Home to Me 3:26
16. Shide & Acorn - Elanor's Song 2:42
17. Mr. Fox - Mendle 7:12
Bonus Tracks
18. Donovan - Lord Of The Reedy River 2:41
19. Green Man - Salisbury Plain 3:51
20. Steve Tilston - All In A Dream 4:20
21. Roy Harper - Twelve Hours Of Sunset 5:07